Comparison of SEO Companies in Finland

There are a large number of SEO companies in Finland who would be all too happy to have you as a client, but the problem is making a decision on whom to choose to handle your internet marketing and SEO campaigns in order to give your brand more exposure and ultimately, drive more sales to your site. Today, after having done all the hard work and research for you, we want to give you 4 very good options to choose from if you’re struggling to decide on which SEO company in Finland to choose from.

Most people tend to go with older, well-established SEO companies in Finland simply because they’ve been in the game much longer. But what most people don’t realize is that SEO changes constantly, so what seemed to be the best SEO company a year or two ago might not necessarily be better than one that’s just starting out. Many SEO firms have come and gone over the years due to the fact that they simply can’t keep up, and this makes researching SEO firms even more difficult than you could imagine.

New vs. Old SEO Companies in Finland Comparison

Keep in mind that “older” companies aren’t necessarily better than “newer” companies, especially not when it comes to SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization). But we’ve found two of each who are miles ahead of the rest when it comes to ethical SEO practices and white hat techniques, 2 older SEO companies and 2 newer SEO firms quickly making a name for themselves.

Go-Globe: A well established firm that first opened their doors to paying customers in 2005, Go-Globe offers various services all across the globe. Even though they have quite a good reputation when it comes to SEO, the increasing number of clients they need to cater for will surely mean that you won’t be seen as “number 1” on their list. They’ve served over 180 clients across 16 countries including Finland and might be a good option if you’re looking to target a worldwide market.

Tulos: Self-proclaimed “Web Performance” specialists who started out in 2008. Tulos strengths are both SEO and Google Adwords, but after doing more research it’s come to my attention that they’re more specialized in setting up and running Adwords campaigns and other forms of PPC, as opposed to SEO itself. If you’re making use of PPC campaigns as a major strategy in your internet marketing, then they might be a very good option. However, if you’re looking for SEO specifically, read on…

Saleslion: A relatively new SEO company with years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, Saleslion has taken the Finnish SEO community by storm by getting superb results in some very tough, saturated markets. The difference between Saleslion and the other SEO companies in Finland is that they focus on your overall sales first, and specialize in driving more profits through the doors as opposed to flashy graphs that end up in no sales, like many other firms do. Although they’re fairly new, -from what I’ve seen, I’d highly recommend you check these guys out.

Devenia: Another fairly new SEO company that popped up in Finland in the past year, Dementia identifies profitable keywords for you and aim to get better rankings for those keywords. The feedback for them has been quite good overall, but only time will tell how good they are at attaining long term rankings for their clients. They’re the newest of the bunch, so you might want to wait a bit to see how they turn out. So far so good, -but as far as newer companies go, I’d prompt for Saleslion personally.


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